Need some help choosing?

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The first thing we do is to ask a few simple questions to help narrow down what you want from the myriad of choices available.

1. Do you just want to cool a single room or do you want to be able to move your cooler around the house with you?

2. Are your rooms all the same size? Is one of them a conservatory? A bedroom?

3. Do you have a room that needs cooling in the summer but heating in the winter? A conservatory for example?

4. Do you just need a fan type product to move the air around in a "stuffy" room?

With the answers to the above questions in hand you can begin to make a choice. For example if the answer to question 1 was that you want to be able to move your cooler around the house, then you need a portable air conditioner. This is a unit that you just plug into a 13 amp socket and then run an exhaust hose out of a window to carry the warm air away. These units often have dehumidifiers built into them as well.

The answer to question 2 determines what size and type of portable you need. If one of your rooms is much larger than the others you will need a more powerful unit, and particularly so if one is a conservatory or other room with a lot of glass windows.

If one of the rooms you plan to cool is a bedroom, you will need a quieter running model with a lower dB rating so that the noise it makes is less likely to disturb your sleep.

If you only have a single room you want to cool - and it has an outside wall - you could consider a fixed air conditioning unit. These are particularly designed with conservatories and bedrooms in mind. They can easily be fitted by a keen DIY'er or any reasonably competent local builder. We offer a fitting service ourselves but only in the North West or England and West Yorkshire at the present time. Please contact us if you want a quote for a supplied and fitted unit.

And if you have a room that also requires heating in the winter (like a conservatory) you should consider choosing a fixed, combined aircon/heater unit which does both jobs in one and will save you having to buy a separate heater.

If all of the above is too expensive or complicated and you just want a fan type unit, then you should look at our range of evaporative coolers as they not only move the air around but also dehumidify it to make your room more comfortable. Click here to go to that page.

If you want any advice on the above choice we are here to help, so either email us by clicking here or give our free technical helpline a call on 0845 676 9339

We will be happy to help.


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