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The health benefits of installing air conditioning in your home

Most people would think immediately that adding air conditioning to a conservatory or bedroom has only one benefit – it makes you cooler doesn’t it?....... Well yes…. But that is not where the benefits end though!

A good air conditioner can also contain a dehumidifier, which will help remove that moisture from the air, and this can make breathing easier as well as saving you from changing shirts every few hours. You can also get air conditioners with a good air-filtering capacity, which will remove dust, pollen and other small particulates from the air, and for sufferers of asthma or hay fever this can bring tremendous relief.

The added side effect of this is that most busy housewives will notice that they have to dust less often because the dusting is being partly done by the air conditioning unit removing it from the air!

However the main benefit of air conditioning is the regulation of temperature and this in itself can be crucially important for the health of older people, babies and small children and those with other health problems.

It has long been know that the human body works at its best in a fairly small temperature range and that being too hot or too cold dramatically affects health. Too warm and we dehydrate and cease to function very quickly. Too cold and we shiver, burn more calories and become tired and listless very quickly. These problems affect the very young and the elderly even more acutely.

Maintaining a good temperate climate around you increases your ability to work, think or study and combined with the removal of dust and other smaller particles from the air your overall health will benefit whatever your age.


This is particularly true at night times in your bedroom, where a lack of good sleep can be extremely bad for your health. Poor sleep impacts on virtually every other area of health, but most especially on mental capacity. If you are in any job where your concentration is important, this single factor of poor sleep can cause you problems with your job, leading to stress and worry, which invariably leads to other types of bad health - especially depression. Bedroom air conditioners are the most popular types installed in hot foreign countries because of this very reason. The important factor is choosing one with a quiet running mode so noise doesn’t disturb your sleep!


Conservatory air conditioning is rapidly becoming the next most popular type in the UK as more and more houses now have one. Your conservatory has a large glass area with the sun shining on it, so it is extremely hot in the summer and yet conversely can be very cold in winter due its poor insulation. For this reason many people now choose to install conservatory air conditioners and others choose to install combined air conditioners and heaters so they can use their conservatory all year round.

There is even a health benefit to this because, being exposed to natural sunlight – even in winter – has been proven to have a beneficial psychological effect on humans. So simply being able to sit in your lightest room – your conservatory – in July as well as in January, can be good for you.

So whatever your age or state of health the addition of air conditioning will be a benefit to you as well as providing the comfort and enjoyment of something that is becoming so commonplace, most cars now have it!

So why your car and not your home?